Endorsements for Christianity, Cults, and Religions DVD

Explains Key Christian Beliefs in an Easy-to-Understand Video

“Christians need to know what they believe and why. They also need good advice on sharing the Gospel with people from other religions. Paul Carden's Christianity, Cults & Religions DVD does the best job I have seen for fulfilling these crucial needs in the church today.”
Dr. Norman Geisler, Author and Distinguished Professor of Apologetics, Veritas Evangelical Seminary


Explains the History and Beliefs of Cults and World Religions

“General editor Paul Carden has once again produced a very helpful pamphlet [Christianity, Cults & Religions] in this expanded and revised edition. People often wonder or ask how various cults and religions originated and what they believe. This provides a concise and accurate summary of their founders, their key beliefs, and how these differ from biblical Christianity, as well as other pertinent information. The material is easy to read and to understand. I recommend this valuable resource to Christian bookstores, pastors, and to Christians of every age. My teenage grandson reviewed the material and stated, “It's very important for all believers to understand how biblical Christianity differs from cults and world religions. It really opened my eyes to these other beliefs.”
Dr. Edmond C. Gruss Author, Professor Emeritus at The Master's College Santa Clarita, CA


Features Well-Known Expert on Cults and World Religions Worldwide

“Having worked with Paul Carden for years — including as long-time colleagues on the popular Bible Answer Man radio broadcast — I can say without reservation that there is no one better qualified to oversee the production of Christianity, Cults & Religions. His research is first-rate, and his ability to sift the most important facts from a mountain of cult data will no doubt be appreciated by the many readers of this fine publication. In over three decades of cult studies, I’ve never encountered a guide on the cults and false religions as concise as this one. In a day of information-overload, this helpful guide clearly distinguishes the truth of Christianity from the counterfeits. I recommend it highly.”
Ron Rhodes President, Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries


Explains Why Christians Should Care About Apologetics

"Paul Carden is extremely knowledgeable and easy-to-understand. The first session gives a well-grounded Biblical basis for a study of this nature and Carden gives ample reasoning for why Christians today need to go through a study of this nature."
Stevan Sheets, pastor of the Shippensburg First Wesleyan Church, PA


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